EUTM file information



May 13, 2021

Trademark Summary

The trademark application AAZV was filed by Yimin Chen, a national of the People's Republic of China (the "Applicant"). The application was published for oppositions on May 25, 2021, and it was registered by office on August 31, 2021 without any oppositions.

The application was filed in English (Italian was selected as the second language).

Goods And Services

  • The mark was filed in class 9 with following description of goods:
    1. Cameras
    2. Webcams
    3. Car televisions
    4. Cell phone cases
    5. Computer peripheral devices
    6. Digital door locks
    7. Document printers for computers
    8. Dog whistles
    9. Dust protective goggles
    10. Protective masks
    11. Electronic collars to train animals
    12. Mobile phone straps
    13. Multimedia projectors
    14. Portable media players
    15. Smart watches
    16. USB cables
    17. Video baby monitors
    18. Wireless chargers
    19. Wireless headsets for cellphones
    20. Sunglasses
    21. Ear buds.